...the explosion of a new consciousness

The “New Earth” series is a body of enlightening and challenging books written by a contemporary woman, Josefina Chacín Ducharne, who signs her writings as the slave of the Lord. She presents them as a “Message” from God addressed to “the men of the New Earth”: to all persons, regardless of race, nation, or religion, who, being dissatisfied with what this world is offering, long for a higher reality.

What she calls “Message to the men of the New Earth” is the expression of a new state of consciousness that emerged in her as the fruit of an extraordinary spiritual experience that completely transformed her life:
«...the Lord manifested Himself to me as the Being Who “IS”; it was an explosion of LOVE, LIGHT, WISDOM and GOODNESS that took place in the inmost depths of my being, letting me know who He is and who I am: the ALL and the nothingness....»

The unitary vision of reality that shines through the writings of Josefina Chacín Ducharne sheds new light on the essential core of the Christian mystery and recovers its authentic original universality, thus doing justice to the key intuitions of the major philosophical and spiritual traditions.

From the practical point of view, one is confronted with the pressing invitation to a life of self-denial, after the example of Jesus Christ, ideal of life which is herein revived in all its relevance and centrality, as the indispensable condition, in any religion or creed for the fulfillment of God’s Will, which is the manifestation of the Divine in man.

The man of today, immersed in a world of confusion and conflicts, may find herein an answer to many of his intellectual questionings and existential yearnings.

The “New Earth”

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