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Institutional Church

The “Message to the men of the New Earth”
and the Institutional Church

     A stimulating vision on the complex reality of every institutionalized church or religion, with a clear-cut, subtle distinction between “Church” and “Institution,” and their different origins, a distinction that can be liberating for many souls.
      «The ambiguous, ambivalent character of all institutionalized faith – a mixture of faith and rational security, of conscience and selfish interests, of the yearning for love and the craving for power, of deep unconsciousness and of many good intentions – is nothing else but the reflected, magnified image of man himself, of every man, of the unfinished work that we all are, being destined, by our very essence, to transcend the present state and to come out of the ambiguity.»
(from the back cover)  
107 pages   


Watch and Pray!

      A compilation of prayers that through the years have sprung forth, on various occasions, from the intimate faith of the slave of Lord. What characterizes them is the centrality of the orientation to the Will of God and the insistent petition to be granted the grace to reject any form of egoistic energy.
     Through these prayers one can verify, once more, the truth of the classic principle that the way of praying is the most authentic manifestation of one’s true faith.

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I do not Pray for the World

I do not Pray for the World

    A courageous, unsparing exposure of man’s condition in a world dominated by the power of the spirit of evil, and the re-proposal of the way of being liberated from it by struggling against the egocentric energy of the self, after the example of Jesus, so as to make room in oneself for the purifying activity of the Holy Spirit.

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Letters of Life

Letters of Life

«The rich, enlightening contents of these letters are part of a History that God Himself – the Being who “IS” – writes from Eternity, working out His designs by means of different circumstances, concrete events and specific persons, in the language of His Will. His “pen strokes” can turn out to be mysterious and disconcerting, but no human being is uninvolved with or alien to these designs.
      From the letters and their explanations, there emerges a message that concerns each and everyone.... They are a great opportunity for all those who yearn to finally encounter the Reality hidden within themselves and in the interior of all things: God, the Being who “IS.” This Reality – no matter how hidden and dormant it may lie in the depths of the human being – can only be perceived by the soul, because it is to her that the Spirit is speaking today, as He has always done.»                                                                                (from the back cover)  
150 pages     

Time, "the time" and the "end of Time"

Time, “the times” and the “end of Time”

      In her meditations on time,
the slave of the Lord develops a new conception of this elusive and all pervasive dimension of man’s life.
      Time is here essentially associated with the exercise of the power of choice of the free beings. It is not related to the cultural, scientific, technological, economic progress that characterizes secular history but it is seen in relation to God. It is above all an opportunity to choose consciously and conscientiously, in each concrete circumstance of daily life, between the Will of God and the will of the creature.
     This new perspective can be an antidote to the fundamentalistic interpretations of the Biblical prophecies and promises, which, as she affirms, will surely be fulfilled, but first and foremost in man himself, through his inner transformation according to his faith and free collaboration.
77 pages  

Between Two World

Between Two Worlds

     «These two “worlds” exist inside of us (as an attitude) and outside of us (as a System); one is ruled by love and is oriented outwards for the sake of serving others with utter self-forgetfulness, always seeking the good and happiness of all, according to the Will of God; the other is ruled by egoism and is oriented outwards for the sake of one’s own benefit, using others for the purpose of exercising an egoic power over them....
      These two worlds are like two parallel lines that never meet. The passage from one world to the other involves a dislocation for the human being: either he denies himself, encountering his true Being, or he affirms himself in himself, remaining in the non-being – either Love or Power.»

(from the back cover)  
37 pages  

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