On the Apocalypse of St. John
Interview with Josefina Chacín Ducharne
by Carmen Cristina Wolf and others

Engrossing incursion into the mysterious world of the Apocalypse of St. John, wherein the meaning of many symbolical figures, always considered obscure and enigmatic, is intuited with new clarity.
      Josefina’s answers unveil the eternal dynamic Presence of the Divine hidden within the events of history and shed a great light on the destiny that is awaiting humanity and on the choices and responsibilities that confront us in this decisive moment of our evolution.

223 pages
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A Conversation with Josefina
Exploring the “Message to the men of the New Earth”
by Juan Esteban Fernández

An informal interview by a Mexican journalist and passionate truth-seeker which offers a captivating initial introduction to the insights and practical implications of the “Message.”
     Through a series of thirty-nine well-conceived questions and the answers that flow spontaneously with the depth of simplicity, the reader becomes acquainted with Josefina’s thinking on some of the most pressing issues that face the man of today.                                                                                                                    

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Woman: help, temptation and complementarity of man

     A series of meditations on the burning, ever-relevant issue of the authentic role of woman in relation to man, and vice versa, within the framework of a higher vision of the Whole. What is strongly stressed is the essential complementary unity of the masculine and feminine aspects of the human nature, as living image of a transcendent Reality.
    New light is also shed on the human couple’s concrete relationship, with a penetrating analysis of their earthly condition and a good deal of insightful advice on the mutual behavior of man and woman for each one’s self-realization within the unity of the couple.

114 pages
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A World according to the Heart of God
by Máximo Macías, as fruit of his conversations with Josefina Chacín Ducharne

The book, redacted in 1963-64 by Fr. Máximo Macías, a Franciscan Capuchin Priest who assisted the slave of the Lord in the early years of her spiritual journey, reflects, in addition to his own convictions, her new vision assimilated by him during the five years of their spiritual sharing.
      Money, authority, love, sex, and other thorny issues of this world of Permission – where God submits the energy of His Will to the liberty of the creatures – are seen and judged in the light of the World according to His eternal Design, which can only be realized through man’s free and loving surrender to His Divine Will.
159 pages   

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A World according to the Heart of God
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Consummation of Time

The Consummation of Time
by Máximo Macías, as fruit of his conversations with Josefina Chacín Ducharne

      The text of this book, originally intended to be the final chapter of A World according to the Heart of God, was later on enriched and clarified by the slave of the Lord in the light of a deeper understanding of the “Message” received.
     «It discovers in the present-day events the “hidden mystery” that is to be revealed at the “Consummation of Time,” “Time” which God has given man so that he may come to Consciousness and consummate his power of choice: either by his affirmation in the “ego-self” or by his affirmation in his true Being through the denial of self after the example of Jesus Christ.»
(from the Presentation)


64 pages
A Case of Conscience

A Case of Conscience
Documentation and Essay
by J. R. Guillent Pérez

   «A Case of Conscience is the presentation of a documented story of three Franciscan priests of the Holy Land, whose decision to follow their conscience and the resultant encounters with Church authorities is a spiritual paradigm of our age.
    Three friars receive a call to depend directly and unconditionally on the will  of God, by following the demands of their conscience. The call comes through a message for a “New Earth” given to a Venezuelan woman in a series of mystical revelations in Venezuela, Assisi, Avila, and at the Milk Grotto in Bethlehem....
     Professor Guillent Pérez, a Venezuelan philosopher, presents the original letters and other documents, together with a lively introductory Essay and a series of Reflections. What emerges is a modern religious controversy “par excellence,” a classic confrontation between a soul seeking realization through the inner voice of conscience, and a church seeking to legitimate its outer authority through institutional power.»

(from the back cover)

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The Trajectory of a New State of Consciousness
by Claudia C. Llovera and Zitta Waleska Eisenthal

     Documentary presentation of the “Message to the men of the New Earth” and of the person who transmits it, Josefina Chacín Ducharne.
     It is a compilation, in a sequential order, of the various events that took place in the life of the Messenger in connection with the Message from 1954 to the year 1998.
     What has motivated the authors to produce this work is their «deep conviction that everything related to this new consciousness is the sign of a decisive moment for all humanity.»


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On Christian Dogma:
An interview with Josefina Chacín Ducharne
by Celso Rivas Balboa

  A sequence of forty-nine bold and probing questions presented by a Catholic Theologian and searching University Professor to Josefina for the purpose of clarifying for himself and for others the extent to which the “Message to the men of the New Earth” coincides with or differs from the tradition of the Roman Catholic teaching.
   In the interviewer’s opinion, Josefina’s intuitions could enhance what is accepted in Christianity and provide an opportunity for a fruitful discussion among theologians. He insinuates that this may be «the time for revising, enriching, and revitalizing a part of the Christian Dogma in order to make it more universal, more ecumenical and more dynamic.»

34 pages
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